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About hideka
hideka2.jpgAfter starting out as bassist-vocalist with Loco-Holidays then performing in the solo project Ruby Ruby Star, Hideka gained experience as a music producer, songwriter-lyricist and commercial songwriter before taking her career to a new level as a solo artist. With melodious vocals that seem to float and a unique sensitivity reflected in her craft, she appeals to fans both in Japan and around the world. Her musical concept covers a wide range of genres---dream pop, alternative rock, ambient, electronica, shoegaze, bossa nova, jazz, etc.--- aimed at pleasantly stimulating the senses of the listener and arousing the power of imagination. Through the filter named 'Hideka', these join together and produce a unique style that charm the listeners as her musical wings spread farther and farther.
Loco-Holidays(bass&vocal), RUBY RUBY STARでの活動後、音楽プロデューサー、作詞作曲、CMソング制作などを経て、ソロで音楽活動を開始。浮遊感あるボーカルと、作品に映し出される独特な感性は、海外からも注目を集めている。

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