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Lit The Candle out 17th Dec!!
litthecandle_JacketThis is Hideka's long-awaited first album since establishing her own label 'hidekamusic'. She drew critical acclaim both in Japan and from overseas with her debut album 'hideka' (2008), 'Mayflower' (2010), produced in collaboration with the British band The Pristines, and other works. Such enthusiastic response has inspired her to pursue new avenues for her creativity as an independent solo artist. With her melodious, floating vocals and heightened sensitivity, she takes the listener to a world of fascination.

December 17, 2014 Worldwide Release!! » Spotify / iTunes Music Store / Amazon MP3 / mora /レコチョク /OTOTOY/and more...
*Please note that timing of the release may vary from country to country. Thank you for your understanding.

NEW!!!Official Music Video »YouTube (SPACE SHOWER MUSIC)

hideka: After starting out as bassist-vocalist with Loco-Holidays then performing in the solo project Ruby Ruby Star, Hideka gained experience as a music producer, songwriter-lyricist and commercial songwriter before taking her career to a new level as a solo artist. With melodious vocals that seem to float and a unique sensitivity reflected in her craft, she appeals to fans both in Japan and around the world. Her musical concept covers a wide range of genres---dream pop, alternative rock, ambient, electronica, shoegaze, bossa nova, jazz, etc.--- aimed at pleasantly stimulating the senses of the listener and arousing the power of imagination. Through the filter named 'Hideka', these join together and produce a unique style that charm the listeners as her musical wings spread farther and farther.

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