New single『Synchronized Brain Waves 』is OUT TODAY![Diary]
(2019-10-16 11:35:14) by hideka

【New single is OUT TODAY!】

『Synchronized Brain Waves 』



(With the rhythm of the bossa nova beatbox combined with live drums with a dub flavour.

Hideka is not always bound by genre mixing her dream pop with an ultimate playfulness.)


Recording engineerとして安宅秀紀氏を迎えた自信作です。

手書き感覚のartworkもAndy Jossiと共にcuteに仕上げました。


(Released today!

We are very happy to introduce this song.

We worked with Hideki Ataka as a recording engineer.

It is our pride and joy.

The handwriting-like artwork has also been made cute that worked with Andy Jossi.

Hope you listen and like it.)

by hidekaMusic


Synchronized Brain Waves - single

hideka - vocals, bass, organs, programming.

kou - chorus, drums.

Music & Lyric written, arranged by hideka

Mixed by hidekaMusic

Drums recorded & Master engineered by Hideki Ataka

Artwork by Andy Jossi + hideka

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