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V.A. The Sun Rises In the East / shiny happy records (Indonesia)

My song "Aspiration" on 『V.A. The Sun Rises In the East』
(a Japenese indiepop/shoegaze compilation) by shiny happy records (Indonesia)

Release Date : 9th, July 2012.
Order the CDR: shinyhappyrecs@gmail.com


- a japanese indiepop/shoegazer compilation -

1. sugar drop - you need someone
2. Oeil - After Rain
3. Bertoia - glass birds
4. Flannel - little
5. Burrrn - Silent Day
6. caucus - the light is beneath the dark
7. Ether Feels - Annabelle
8. Figure - Eureka
9. Ellen Never Sleeps - The golden Minor
10. Purple Bloom - Star is mine
11. Hideka - aspiration
12. The Earth Earth - Teresa
13. Smile Love - Vivian Girls
14. It Happens - Hear the Truck and Train
15. Head on the Sofa - Dear drownies

インドネシアのshiny happy recordsから2012/07/09に発売されました
VA The Sun Rises In the East
( a Japenese indiepop/shoegaze compilation)

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