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Mix of 'slowsong'

Whenever I mix it, I think... mix seems to be a trip to the unknown future.

'slowsong' written by Rudy(A.R.Kane) is sounds like nothing else I have heard. It is music to listen to for a sense. I think that it is very artistic music. Ivan Penfold's guitar is speaking to emotions.
....I was led to the soul and sang and mixed it.
It was a trip such as the adventure.

You can listen to 'slowsong' here...www.myspace.com/musiconesounds



A.R.Kane のRudyが書いた’slowsong'は、今までに聴いた事のないような、感覚でとらえる曲です。非常に芸術性の高い絵画のような曲です。そして Ivan Penfoldのギターは何か感情に話しかけるように、この曲の色をより濃いものにしています。さて、私はと言えば、正直何をすれば?と思っていたのですが、第六感的に歌を入れてミックスしました。

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