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Half Dreaming

Half_Dreaming.jpgIn July 2008, hideka contributed a song to HALF DREAMING: Asian Shoegaze Compilation -- a world-wide release featuring artists from Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, China, and Hong Kong.

2,462JPY(2,345JPY tax excluded)

1. The Majestic High See Her Fall (Korea)
2. burrrn Song Without Words (Japan)
3. Perfect Angel Cataclysmic (Indonesia)
4. hideka Echoes (Japan)
5. Elemental Gaze Unperfect Sky (Indonesia)
6. Monocism Seisou (Japan)
7. Daixiaole Satellite Boy (China)
8. Oeil Strawberry Cream (Japan)
9. Witherspoon Tingles And Everything (Malaysia)
10. The Evening Primrose Stargazer (Hong Kong)
11. Caucus Sing (half dreaming version) (Japan)
12. Candyaudioline Felt So Fine (Philippines)
13. Sharesprings Fix Your Eyes On (Indonesia)
14. Nanocycle Great Little Ones (Japan)
15. Everybody Loves Irene Love Is So Strange (Indonesia)
16. cryv April And You, March And I (Japan)

Record Stores: Amazon(USA),Norman Records(UK),HMV(JP) and worldwide online retailers

For More Information: www.quince-records.com

2008年7月に日本、インドネシア、フィリピン、マレーシア、韓国、中国、香港の7ヶ国のアーティストが参加し世界へ向け発売されたアジアン・シューゲイズ・コンピレーションCD「Half Dreaming」に参加しました。

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