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Burning Paranoia -single- / hideka

Burning_Paranoia_Jacket.jpgConceived from the delusions and imagination of summer, Hideka presents her latest single.
Another self-produced work, Hideka does it all as composer and lyricist, programmer and vocalist, while also playing all instruments, including bass, guitar, organ and piano.
In 'Burning Paranoia' is painted an intense, bizarre, maddening delusion. 'One Way Bossa', on the other hand, elicits a refreshing sense of a laughing, carefree romp through a fresh meadow.
Either of these two contrasting songs are fascinating works that wonderfully overflow with Hideka's broad world view. Sit back and enjoy both a rare bewitching melody by Hideka, as well as an aggressive performance.

August 19th, 2015 Worldwide Release!! » Spotify / iTunes Music Store / Amazon MP3 / mora / レコチョク / OTOTOY / and more...
*Please note that timing of the release may vary from country to country. Thank you for your understanding.

01.Burning Paranoia (04:51)
02.One Way Bossa (02:47)

(Total Time 07'37")

All musics & lyrics written, played, produced by hideka
Mixed by HIDEKI ATAKA(track1), hideka(track2)
Mastered by Akio Yamamoto

Artwork & designed by Andy Jossi

Special thanks: Ken Marantz, Izuru Miura, Kathy Tojo, Norio Mochizuki.



「Burning Paranoia」では強烈な猟奇的な狂気の妄想が描かれていて、「One Way Bossa」では笑いながら高原を走り抜けていくような清涼感を感じられます。

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