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How come

How come? and nice thing.

Yumiko found the French blog about shoegaze. I'm very surprised. There is my article about me and RUBY RUBY STAR. (RUBY RUBY STAR was one of my bands)

Le blog du mouvement shoegaze

Thank you, Yumiko.

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Hello Hideka !

I'm very delighted to learn you discovered my blog. I hope it was a nice suprise for you.

My name is Vic, effectively I'm a french guy who loves so much shoegaze music. As well as I finish to learn about you : your music is so forgotten and unknown in France I decided to post something about your band.

I think your music is so typical, japanese style speaking, and so wonderful.

But it's very very hard for me to find your albums : there aren't in my country in any store or virtual marketplace ! Such a shame. Thank to myspace but I want listen more.

If you want, I can traduce to you my articles with pleasure. Keep me in touch by mail.


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