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'Brain to Dream of'

アメリカのDKFM Shoegaze Radioの“Drowned In a Sea of Sound”番組で

Krissyが紹介してくれた私の曲、'Brain to Dream of' を再びお聞きいただけます。


Drowned in a Sea of Sound, Volume 25



This episode features the following:

Iris- Recluse
Lightning Bug- Vision Scraps
hideka - Brain to Dream of
trauma ray - WMD
The Know - 143
Lorelei - Skylight
Fragile Animals - Waiting
Life on Venus - Darker Than Blue
Eternal Something - Realm Zone
House Of Harm - Catch
Seaside Caves - Sorry
Just Like Honey - Golden Glow
Teen Idle - Dreaming

(Thank you to Krissy Vanderwoude, my song 'Brain to Dream of' can listen again on her show “Drowned In a Sea of Sound”, which originally aired on DKFM Shoegaze Radio.)


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