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start with the low of lights

I participated in album "start with the low of lights" of artist "bad lovers company" in Indonesia.
You can free download this album.
I did the chorus by the eighth "Heart rescue".

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Official site open!

An official site of hideka opened.

First album available!

hideka_jacket.jpgMy first digital album available worldwide via iTunes and other digital outlets.

Download Now! » iTunes Music Store / Amazon MP3 / HearJapan / JapanFiles / mora / mora win / TSUTAYA DISCAS / OnGen / Listen Japan / Rakuten Download / Yahoo! Music / MySound / Olio music / recommuni / MUSICO /

Female vocalist hideka originally sang and played bass with Loco-Holidays -- a highly influential band signed to legendary label of the 90s Shibuya scene, Confusion (by Pony Canyon). Subsequently performing solo under the name Ruby Ruby Star, she focused not only on song writing, but on applying her diverse talents in playing instruments such as bass, guitar, organ, and synth, and also in programming. hideka has written and performed jingles and background music for J-WAVE, TOKYO FM and other major Japanese broadcasters, while also proactively looking to supply her music overseas.

In hideka's unique "dream pop world", her floating, wafting voice is perfectly married with spacy, oriental atmospheres. Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city and returning to her home turf in Yamanashi, she now embarks upon a new solo project to freely deliver that hideka sound to listeners all over the world.

In July 2008, hideka contributed a song to HALF DREAMING: Asian Shoegaze Compilation -- a world-wide release featuring artists from Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, China, and Hong Kong. And we now welcome her to LCP Records for the global release of her much-anticipated new album.

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